Kenneth Cole New York Touch Screen Watch

Digi-Touch technology makes the following features available at the touch of your finger.
  • A moment in can define your life.
  • Time & Date

    Digi-Touch™ technology makes even the most basic function of your watch more fun. With a quick tap on the sensor you can set the hour, minute, second, month, year and day settings. Changing time zones is made simple with options to set the time for your home city and indicate daylight savings time.


    If you are a frequent traveler, this option makes it simple to stay on schedule for an early meeting or morning run. An alarm tune will ring at the designated time when the alarm is activated. To stop the tune, press any touch sensor.


    Training for that race? Track your time with the built-in chronograph. An icon will appear next to the "T" on the main display with the chronograph is in use so you can easily toggle between the time and stopwatch with a quick tap of the watch face.

  • Countdown Timer

    Be touched by anticipation. We make it easy to track the time with Digi-Touch™ technology. Set the timer to the hour, minute, second and choose the countdown to "stop at end" and "repeat at end". An alarm will ring at the end of the countdown and either stop or repeat the sequence based on your selection.

    32 City World Time

    Where in the world...? Digi-Touch technology lets you tell the time in up to 24 time zones around the world. Choose from 32 preset cities and set the watch's home city and time so you can easily get back into the swing of things when you land.

    Electro Luminescent Backlight

    Never be in the dark again. Perfect for late night flights and early morning runs. Activate the backlight for 3 seconds simply by touching the "LIGHT" sensor.